Natural leather colors

Color after tanning

The initial color of the leather depends on the tannins that are used in the dyeing process. Vegetable tannins give the skin a brownish tint; Fat and oil tanning gives the skin a yellowish tinge, while those tanned with alum - a white tint. Yet another coloring occurs when tanning with chrome - a blue shade or synthetic (white skin tone).

After the tanning phase, the leather is dyed to the desired color. There are two ways of "coloring" the skin - dyes or pigmentation of the surface with colors based on binders

Dyed leather

Most hides and skins are first completely dyed after tanning. This is done with the help of liquid dyes - such as textile dyeing ink. The skin is immersed in the dyeing bath in characteristic rotating barrels. Specialists fix and rinse out excess color to prevent the dye from being transferred from the skin to, for example, clothing.

An interesting dye is the aniline dye, which is a transparent liquid - the skin absorbs it without creating a coating layer. This is how the so-called absorbent skins (suede, nubuck and aniline leather). Due to the transparency of aniline dyes, they can only be used for dyeing a darker shade. Smooth leather that does not get any additional layer of pigmented color at a later stage is called aniline leather. It can be dyed, but without a protective top coat of color.

Nubuck and suede leather are only colored. Smooth leather is dyed in such a way that the mechanical damage of the finish has a similar shade of color at the site of the damage. Such leather is called drum dyed.


Depending on the thickness of the applied pigment, smooth leather is defined differently:

-no pigmentation of the top layer of the skin: aniline leather

-small pigmentation, with well-recognizable hair pores: semi-aniline

-dense color, unrecognizable hair pores: pigmented skin

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