Furniture Leather

We provide our customers with the highest quality upholstery leather, which is highly durable, stylish and elegant. Our leather is resistant to moisture, water, tension and intensive use. Despite the drastically changing trends, leather furniture has retained its popularity and customers' trust for hundreds of years. If you are wondering what kind of leather to choose for your interior - we will be happy to advise you and tell you all about the production and properties of each of our products.
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Automotive Leather

Manufacturers and automotive enthusiasts exceptionally appreciate the qualities of natural leather. It is difficult to find a better substitute when it comes to timeless car interior design. The quality of our leather is confirmed by compliance with the highest parameters of natural and technical strength, which are defined by international standards for automotive leather.
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Marine Leather

Our collection is complemented by leathers used for the interior and exterior finishing of vessels. These are materials with high strength parameters, which will perform well in conditions of increased humidity, sunlight or exposure to wind.
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EG Italia - Leather manufacturer

EG Italia has been present in the leather market for over 18 years, manufacturing and trading upholstery and fashionable leathers to some of the largest and medium-sized factories as well as small upholstery workshops in Poland and Europe. We supply natural furniture leather, automotive leather, and leather designed for fashionable accessories. 

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Bydgoskie Meble
Etap Sofa
Gala Collezione
AEK Design
Primavera Furniture
Abcar Oldtimers
What makes us stand out?

Choose high-quality natural leather that works well with furniture, accessories, and more.

Our production takes place in Italy, allowing us to offer natural and certified Italian leather. Our company headquarters are located in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

We supply our products all over the world. We produce in Italy and distribute in Poland. We provide a rich selection of natural leathers. 

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