EG Italia, is a brand with both - long history and a modern business model. For nearly 20 years,
we have been manufacturing and distributing top-quality furniture leathers, saddlery leathers and automotive leathers.
We supply largest and medium-sized factories, manufacturers and retailers as well as small upholstery and craft shops
in Poland and Europe. We have significant knowledge about its production and properties as well as
ecology in the leather industry. What is more, we are always happy to share this knowledge!

Inspired by the unspeakable beauty of leather, we want to encourage you to explore the endless possibilities of this

natural and luxurious raw material because unlike mass-produced artificial fabrics, each piece of leather has its own unique story....






We source materials for our production from selected sources in Asia, South America, Europe, India and Australia. We produce our leather in Italy in the picturesque town of Arzginano, an hour's drive from Verona. This unique region has been famous for producing natural leather for hundreds of years, and as a result there are nearly 250 tanneries here. Thanks to that, we work with the best experts in pre-treatment, tanning and finishing field.






Position of a manufacturer gives us a great opportunity to produce any type of leather - from full grains and anilines in all thicknesses, through vegetable tanned leathers to chrome-free tanned leather. We accept orders for large, wholesale quantities as well as single batches for smaller shops and private customers. Thanks to many years of experience in working with leather, we are able to support all of our customers, even with the most challenging projects, while also offering them support in optimizing the costs of purchasing and processing leather.