In a saddler workshop

What does a saddler do?

Saddlery is a branch of craftsmanship in which specialists traditionally deal with the manual production of leathers finished with metal fittings. It is a vanishing profession, but nowadays many handicrafts are coming back into favor. Consumers appreciate their durability, lack of mass production, and therefore greater attention to detail and quality. Craftsmen producing equestrian equipment can offer not only saddles or bridles. It is a whole range of equipment, from clothing to accessories. All the above-mentioned elements are made of natural leather. In such a demanding industry, high friction and weather resistance and also resistance to water (sweat) are very important.


A new dimension of saddlery and haberdashery

However, saddlery is not only about horse riding, but also a new level of galantery. Nowadays, craftsmen who use thick, full-aniline leather for their products, often also produce decent vintage bags and backpacks. For this type of product, apart from natural leather of good Italian quality, various types of metal fittings are also needed. Carabiners, rings or magnetic clasps in bags are essential items to create a functional bag.

Saddlery workshop

The saddler's workshop is a real treasury of knowledge about this profession. We can find there such equipment as: a leather press, stamps, decorating tools. The accessories used during the production will certainly include specialist needles and rivets. Besides, metal fittings, snap hooks, studs, belt buckles and so on ... But the most important element in saddlery production is the raw material. A craftsman who has a good reputation for his products will provide his workshop with good-quality, ecological, natural leather.

Raw material selection

It is important, asking what raw material the craftsman produces products, whether equestrian or fancy goods. Recently, new marketing products have appeared on the market - "ecological" leather or "vegan" leather. Unfortunately, many people follow the marketing narrative of the producers of these unnatural products. Only natural leather can be ecological, fully biodegradable and breathable, because in short - it comes fully from nature. All other substitutes contain harmful chemicals, are impermeable to air, are not durable and decompose for several hundred years.


For saddlers


At the Europell Group, we closely follow current trends and take care of the constant development of our products. When introducing the new collection La radici collezione - Roots Collection, we were guided by a kind of return to nature. In this case, the roots symbolize the naturalness of the skins, their extraordinary thickness and beautiful earthy colors. In the Roots collection, products dedicated to saddlers constitute the basis. They are natural, ecological and fully biodegradable leather. Full-aniline leather, the surface of which has only been slightly sanded, giving a similar impression to nubuck leather.

The offer includes skins with the graceful names of Montana, Cowboy, Texas, Missouri or Tennessee. We will offer butters and neck sides of various thicknesses, starting from 1.4 mm and ending well over 3.00 mm.

The collection will be complemented by the expansion of the color variants of Catania (furniture and fancy leather) and Moda (furniture leather), also the expansion of the furniture and accessories categories to include Bull and Mont Blanc items.


How to extend the life of the skin?

Each skin requires proper care, not only to impregnate it, take care of its quality, but also to extend its life. Care and repair measures should be selected appropriately to the type of skin. We will choose completely different products for nubuck, aniline leather and car leather. Products such as artificial "eco leather" will also have to be cared for differently. We invite you to the previous text describing the types of skins that are worth knowing for a different type of care.

Professional care and repair products are available from the Europell Group. We invite you to look at our offer of natural leather and care&repair products.