Can natural leather be ecological?

Natural leather benefits and alternatives

Natural leather has many advantages: from its flexibility, through elegance, and ending with its durability. Its unquestionable superiority over other raw materials used for clothing products is air permeability, which translates into great comfort of use. There are many types of leather on the market - vegetable leather, sea leather or car leather. All products in our brand's offer are of the highest quality, thanks to which they will serve for many years.

What are the alternatives? Faux leather has been on the market for a long time. Unfortunately, it is ecological only in name. This leather should be called synthetic because it is made of polyester which is coated with polychloride. "Ecological" leather is impermeable to air, is not waterproof, can cause chafing and deteriorates much faster.


Ecology plays an extremely important role in the leather industry. It is important to act in harmony with nature, not to poison the environment with artificial raw materials, but to use it rationally. A purchase that will serve us for a few or a dozen good years is much more ecological than the thing that we have to replace every season. Ecology is not only about respect for the environment, but also about rational relations with other creatures.

Leather care

The leather we take care of properly will repay us with its longevity and aesthetic appearance. Care products are an important element when using leather bags, briefcases, car leathers, furniture leathers... Literally a few rules will allow us to enjoy the great condition of items with natural leather.

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