Protective cleaning kit for smooth furniture leather

The set for cleaning smooth furniture leather contains a cleaning and preserving agent. The Soft Clean cleaning agent allows you to remove dirt and stains from the upholstery.
The LV Protector preservative creates an invisible layer on the surface of the skin, which protects it against damage
such as: cracking, drying out, and abrasion of paint. It also reduces the risk of discoloration. The brush is very helpful in cleaning, which is great for hard-to-reach places, e.g. skin pores. Soft Clean cleaning agent available in a bottle with a foam applicator, which reduces the consumption of the product itself, as well as water. Systematic care ensures optimal protection of the leather and extends the attractiveness and life of leather furniture. The LEDERZENTRUM smooth leather cleaning set has a positive opinion of the Institute of Leather Industry.

Application - furniture upholstery - smooth grain leather. For a different type of product, please contact us. General recommendations:

  • Always test specimens in an inconspicuous place
  • Remove fresh stains and dirt immediately
  • Dirt, such as discoloration from clothing or greasy stains, often do not remain on the surface of the skin, but penetrate its interior
  • Sponge and cloth can be reused. After use, rinse them in lukewarm water without detergents and let them dry (without using heat sources)


  • Before cleaning, the upholstery should be gently vacuumed
  • Soak the brush or sponge in a bucket of lukewarm water - NO DETERGENTS.
  • We remove excess water from the accessories
  • Apply the foam to the brush or sponge.
  • We clean with circular movements from seam to seam, collecting the remains with a clean cloth In case of heavy soiling, the above-mentioned steps should be repeated
  • Leave the upholstery to dry
  • A small amount of the preservative should be applied to a white, non-rubbing cloth or hands (pH harmless to human skin).

Then we apply circular movements from seam to seam, do not rub New upholstery (used up to 14 days) - only maintenance.

Always preserve the leather after cleaning.


  • Soft Clean cleaning agent 200 ml
  • preservativeLV Protector 150 ml
  • leather brush or sponge
  • sponge soft cloth