Leather Care


Natural leather is a very durable material, but it also requires proper care. Fulfilling a few basic rules will allow for trouble-free and safe utilization.



  Natural leather care products should be selected according to their type. It is also worth making a trial use of them in less visible places. This will allow testing the effect of a
                            given care product on leather. Treatments should be carried out regularly, even every 2-3 months, depending on the intensity of use of the leather items. The selection of
                            appropriate agents will make the leather last longer and maintain its beautiful appearance.




Natural leather is mainly affected by intensive use. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular maintenance. This treatment protects the leather against fading, drying, wetting, and abrasion


If the leather is in contact with moisture, do not dry it directly next to a heat source. Warm air can cause the leather to harden, dry excessively and lose its shine.



Protect it from adverse conditions and from excessive dust. Smaller items, such as leather goods should be protected by special covers.




To remove dirt, a damp cloth will work well. However, those dried and difficult stains should be cleaned by professional dry cleaners that specialize in cleaning leather.