When we talk about ecology, we mean not only respect for the environment, but above all, action! It is a rational and practical approach to natural resources, which we use as part of our production.



We dispose of tons of waste in the form of natural leather, generated after slaughtering cattle. If left alone, it would be nothing more than a pollutant to our immediate environment. We refine the leather and transform it into useful goods which, thanks to their durability, ensure long-lasting use. The leather offered by us does not force quick replacement with other, usually plastic substitutes, made mainly of fabric overfilled with harmful chemicals.




We do not only tan leather in the traditional chrome way. We also use the so-called chrome-free technology (without the harmful element chrome), which makes our leather fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.



Our leathers are also vegetable-tanned according to traditional and sometimes even ancient techniques. Leather refined with natural mimosa, oak, or other tanning agents is delivered as a ready-made product to many recognized leather goods brands in Poland.




We source our raw material from cattle raised exclusively on natural feed. The animals are slaughtered in a humane way, in accordance with European and national legal requirements.