Natural leather upholstered panels

Furniture upholstered in leather, leather goods, footwear and luxurious interiors of yachts and cars - of course in natural leather - have been present on the market for many years. However, both interior designers and the representatives of the leather industry themselves are not idle, pushing forward by inventing new, functional and durable solutions using this noble raw material.

For centuries, natural leather has been respected due to its exceptional strength parameters - in the past it was used primarily for making armor or a combat arsenal, today it is also used for demanding purposes (e.g. specialist footwear). Today, however, we are going to focus on a relatively new trend that can make the "wow!" effect at first sight.

Wall panels

Upholstered panels began to function in public space not only upholstered in fabric, but also in natural leather. So far most often found as headboards for beds or entire bed elements. The idea, however, went a long way and today we can meet wonderful mosaics decorating the walls of apartments, which are leather upholstered panels. This gives not only new possibilities of interior design, but also an unconventional look.

This is a very functional option, especially for people who like frequent changes. Panels - usually light coffers, are taped with Velcro on the back, which can be easily attached to the wall. We can easily attach panels to such Velcro, and then - if you want to change - detach and replace the panel with another.

Wall and floor coverings

Apart from the panels, the wall and floor coverings also started to function. This is for fans of less convex elements, and more flattened, resembling elements of thick wallpaper or carpet. However, it is a kind of disgrace for natural leather cladding - comparing it with wallpaper or carpeting, because both its aesthetic values and durability parameters are incomparably higher than those mentioned.

Natural leather is hypoallergenic, long-lived, very durable - resistant to light and friction, and with the ability to breathe. When choosing the right leather, it is worth paying attention to the country of origin. The Europell Group produces leather in Italy, in a tannery with a long tradition, where quality is paramount.

Natural leather claddings will be a great alternative to panels, stone or fabric - it is currently used to finish the ceiling, fireplace surrounds, furniture and floor finishing. This proposal guarantees an original appearance of the interior - compared to stone or wood, it will always be pleasant to the touch and warm. A wide range of cladding sizes and color variants reveal even more possibilities for creation.

Let's not forget about care!

Leather is a long-lived product which, with the passage of time and its use, acquires new aesthetic dimensions. However, it should be remembered to regularly maintain it, and thus - nurture it.

We constantly recommend specialized products for natural leather, because only such cosmetics provide us with the necessary protection and a guarantee of care - and not inadvertent damage to our favorite leather products.

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