Fancy leather - a sea of ​​possibilities


Haberdashery and other sectors

Every year, new fashion and color trends are announced. This affects the enormity of sectors - from leather producers, through the automotive sectors, to strictly fashion brands. However, not every sector dealing with leather products can afford such a wide range of possibilities as haberdashery.

Manufacturers of the automotive sector usually have quite restrictive rules when choosing leather. The very fact of assigning a specific embossing to a given car brand indicates a certain limitation in the choice of leather for car upholstery. This, of course, also has its advantages - elegance, sophisticated aesthetics. An exception, a colorful bird in car upholstery, is the Old Timers sector, where sky is the limit. Often our clients decide on such non-obvious choices, e.g. beautiful Paloma leather in mustard or bottle green color. A crocodile, which is a typical fancy leather, is also a great choice. Recently, our client has upholstered the steering wheel with a green crocodile and the effect is impressive!

Over the years, on the furniture market, you can meet interesting designs that go beyond the standard framework of furniture upholstery. However, it is still a more utilitarian sector. Upholsterers and designers create upholstered furniture that will last for years, therefore the choices are more often on durable, thicker and more flexible leather. Paloma, Prestige, Malaga or even nubuck are skins recommended for furniture upholstery, which can be easily purchased at a leather wholesaler, manufacturer or company store. In the Europell Group warehouse, there are many color variants available immediately, and our team guides each client all the way - from choosing the color, through the best type, to the right size.


Leather used in haberdashery


Natural leathers, which are most often selected for the production of handbags, should have certain parameters. Grain leather is a popular choice due to its aesthetics and high durability. After all, patent leather handbags are the most common ones on store shelves. Thanks to the top layer, they are stiff, which allows you to achieve the desired effect in the case of briefcases or office bags. Our favorite choice is suede, nubuck leather. Uncorrected grain and a pleasant-to-the-touch fluff is a combination that gives the bags this unique natural atmosphere.

When it comes to fancy leather, we cannot forget about the crocodiles. Europell offers alligators, killer croc, coccodrilo delux and sioux. These skins meet the requirements of the most recognizable brands and designers in the world. Presented in the most fashionable colors of this season - emerald green, intense blue or chocolate brown.


Unique vintage

A hit of recent years and a kind of return to the past are vintage heavy, natural bags and backpacks. The Natura collection, which includes oily full veneers and vegetable tanned leathers, fits perfectly into the current trend. Bags stylized for the old days, not only are distinguished by specific aesthetics, but also ultra-high durability.
The latest collection of natural Italian leather by Europell Group - Natura collezione, not only is to introduce the recipients into a true spring mood, but also to show the uncompromising naturalness of the presented leathers. Natura collezione, or a kind of "return to the roots", is a presentation of natural, full-aniline leathers that fall into the categories of vegetable and fancy leather.

The offer of Europell Group has been extended by a new category "For saddlers", but leather intended for craftsmen will be perfect for heavy, decent backpacks, bags, purses, wallets, belts ... specialized equipment for every quality connoisseur. In addition, this unique category has been enriched by beautiful, oily, thick, full veneers (1.6-1.8 mm) that meet the highest standards of each VIP equipment. Natural leathers from the Natura collection are characterized by high durability, their thicknesses range from 1.6 mm to over 3.5 mm. Their surface has only been slightly sanded to further enhance the impression of naturalness. The colors include many interesting shades of brown.